The unprecedented coronavirus pandemic has shifted our focus to providing much-needed humanitarian aid. Your generous donation will go directly toward bringing emergency COVID-19 relief to the world’s most vulnerable people. Choose between our efforts in India and those within Sai Maa’s community.
Staff handing out food in India in a public market

COVID Relief for India's Most Vulnerable

Help the "Corona Warriors" on India's front lines support those facing hardships without the resources we take for granted. Your donation will make a real difference by providing much-needed items like food, blankets, coats, and medical supplies.
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multiple images of the Sai Maa Community

COVID Relief in Sai Maa’s Community

Contribute to those in our community unable to pay rent, afford food or needing assistance with utilities or medical expenses.
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You can easily donate any amount you wish

Would you like to donate to the Foundation for general humanitarian efforts? We are humbled to receive any amount you wish.
Sai Maa out in the streets of India blessing a man on the street with many on lookers watching.

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