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Lighting the Way: Our Mission and History

"Let us serve each other with the love of each other, with the grace of each other, to succeed in healing humanity, to succeed in what's happening now on the planet." - Her Holiness Sai Maa

The Story of Light Legacy Foundation

For nearly two decades, the Light Legacy Foundation has been dedicated to serving the underserved, displaced and vulnerable, helping them to get what they need to rise up and live powerfully when facing difficult life challenges.

Our altruistic efforts are inspired by the vision and teachings of Her Holiness Sai Maa, a global humanitarian leader and spiritual luminary, who has dedicated herself to helping the most desperate among us for several decades in countries all over the world. We believe our individual consciousness influences the collective consciousness — everything we do affects the wider world.
Until recently, Light Legacy Foundation’s mission centered around women’s empowerment programs, working with partners The Women’s Bean Project and Fresh Start Women’s Foundation.

Now, through our group of devoted volunteers, we’re focused on serving the most vulnerable among us as we help those impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. Our light, uplifting the world, remains at the forefront of our mission.
"Make every place you go, a place of Love, a place of Service."
Our Inspiration

Her Holiness
Sai Maa

A living spiritual master, Sai Maa is known around the world as a healer and humanitarian. With a focus on empowering others to discover and cultivate the love, wisdom, and radiance inherent within themselves, she empowers people to transform the planet as embodiments of love and light.

To date, Sai Maa has supported services in such diverse locations as the US, Africa, India, Japan and Haiti. Projects range from food and vitamin distributions, to medical care, cataract surgery and recovery from natural disasters.

Our Team

Our dedicated volunteers and Board of Directors

Cynthia Vannoy
Board of Directors Chair
Michael Delzer
Board Treasurer
Anna Florey
Executive Director
Michael Northrup
Board Member
Paulette Schneider
Board Member
Michele Feher
Board Member
Hank Unger
Board Member
Patricia O'Toole
Board Member
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Our Partners

Awakened Life

We are the non-profit part of Awakened Life, a movement of teachings, teachers, and tools inspired by Her Holiness Sai Maa. Awakened Life is committed to uplifting and empowering people to change their lives and take tangible action to improve the world around them.

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